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This signature verified correctly.
This signature failed to verify.
A signature applied to an extension by Google. One such signature is required to install from Chrome Web Store.
Similar to the Google Signature, but less trusted. Chrome will only accept it in place of the Google Signature if certain command-line options are set.
A signature applied by the developer of an extension, or in some cases by Google on their behalf. One such signature is required to install the extension in any context.
A signature sometimes applied by Chrome Web Store. Does not seem to be enforced.
Supported Formats
CRX 3CRX3 is a signed ZIP format. It can carry multiple signatures and unsigned data.
CRX 2CRX2 is an older version of CRX3 that was deprecated in Chrome 76. Support was completely removed in Chrome 78.
CRX 3 (Differential)Some CRX3 files are marked as "differential" CRX3s, which indicates they represent a delta between one directory and another.
CRX 2 (Differential)Some CRX2 files are markes as "differential" CRX2s, in the same way.